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Dec 02 2013

‘The Third Culture’ Discourses (p. 156-157)

Ladd CH3 page 156-157 Jenny Witteborg (4:00)

Nov 08 2013

Linguistic Minority Discourse; Deaf Professionals & Sign Interpreters (p. 154-155)

Ladd CH3 page 154-155 Ella Mae Lentz (5:01)

Jan 28 2013

1965-1980 Academic Discourses (p. 150-152)

Ladd CH3 pages 150-152 Flavia Fleischer (7:06)

Sep 18 2012

Post-Milan Developments in Deaf Discourse (p. 124-125)

Ladd CH 2 p. 124-125 Ella Mae Lentz (7:43)

Feb 13 2012

Majority Discourses and Deaf Communities

Ladd Ch. 2 pages 88-90 Jenny Cantrell (11:50)

Jan 01 2012

The Deafhood Concept

Ladd CH2 p. 81 Kristen Weiner (2:52)

Expands on the concept of Deafhood in the context of preparing the “reader” for the counter-narrative of Deaf history from the Deaf center of which Chapter 2 is about.

Dec 26 2011

Colonialism, Part 2

Ladd CH2 pages 79-81 Brenda Jo Falgier (9:41)

Describes colonialism and discusses why Deaf communities should be viewed as being colonized. Introduces those key terminologies: post-colonialism, decolonization, counter-narrative, post-modernism, essentialism, strategic essentialism.

Dec 13 2011

Colonialism, Part 1

Ladd CH2 p. 78-79 (7:18)  Grushkin

Summarizes the goal and issues regarding Colonialism and Post-Colonialism Studies. Also, discusses how language domination and audism resembles colonialism for Deaf people. Mentions works by Harlan Lane and Wrigley initiating discussion on colonialism of Deaf communities as well as examining the majority society’s ideologies and discourses that created and perpetuates the colonialism.

Dec 05 2011


Ladd CH2 pages 77-78 David O. Reynolds (4:10)

Explains an important concept in understanding the oppression/colonialism of the Deaf world – hegemony.

May 09 2011

Deafinitions & Recognition of Deaf communities

Ladd CH1 p. 32-33 Brading (4:49)

Discusses the issues behind determining accurate numbers of Deaf people as opposed to people who lost hearing later in life (hard of hearing or deafened); clarification of some Deaf terminology; questions WHY in spite of a potentially very large Deaf community worldwide, there continues to be a struggle to RECOGNIZE Deaf people do have a community.

Apr 20 2011

Introduction to Chapter One

Ladd CH1 p. 26-27 Gough (5:23)

Introduces Chapter 1 which focuses on Deaf communities based on “insider readings”