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Oct 06 2015

The Oralist Response 1980 to Date, Part 2 (p. 158-160)

Ladd CH3 page 158-160 Rory Osbrink (7:39)

Nov 20 2013

Deaf Studies Discourses (p. 156)

Ladd CH3 page 156 Tim Riker (5:35)

Oct 28 2012

Chapter 3 Introduction (p. 135)

Ladd CH3 p. 135 Iva Ikeda (3:24)

Dec 26 2011

Colonialism, Part 2

Ladd CH2 pages 79-81 Brenda Jo Falgier (9:41)

Describes colonialism and discusses why Deaf communities should be viewed as being colonized. Introduces those key terminologies: post-colonialism, decolonization, counter-narrative, post-modernism, essentialism, strategic essentialism.

Nov 21 2011

Chapter 2 Introduction; Theories and Terminology

Ladd CH2 p. 75-76 Riker (4:56)

Opens with two quotes – one by Sekou Toure and another by Walter Rodney – on impact of colonialist education and how it negatively impacts the social solidarity and social responsibility.

Discusses the importance of a Deaf space in the academy for Deaf counter-narratives that have not been rendered visible, i.e. mostly unwritten. Explains that Chapters 2 and 3 explores how Deaf communities have been conceived and acted upon during the time span of Western civilisation.

Discusses importance of understanding certain terminology and concepts before reviewing the history of Deaf communities. Also, discusses the importance for members of the majority cultures to unlearn and deconstruct one’s own culturally inherited perceptions in order to participate in engaged understanding.

Nov 14 2011

Political Oppression – Deaf Communities as Colonies

Ladd CH1  p. 72-73  Kathy Say (3:39)

The last section of Chapter One in Dr. Ladd’s “Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood” proposes the the evidence points to the idea of Deaf communities’ experience resembling the colonialist situation. It also mentions what is needed to reverse that situation, including getting those who are interested in multilingual issues to involve the Deaf communities in their work in promoting equality for all languages and cultures.

Nov 07 2011

Deaf Communities & Governmental Relationships

Ladd CH1 p. 69-72 David Kerr (11:36)

Discusses the organizations and issues creating serious hardships for the Deaf community when they attempt to create long-term community regeneration and sign language policies at the governmental level.

Experiences differ from country to country, government to government, and the governments discussed here are the Scandinavian ones, UK and Ireland. In UK and Ireland, there exists a teritary strata in the Deaf community’s relationship with their governments by organizations such as Royal National Institute for the Deaf and National (Ireland) Association for the Deaf which are basically “Really Not Interested in the Deaf”.

Aug 15 2011

Deaf Communication Media: Printed Media

Ladd CH1 p. 52-53 Cantrell

Discusses the role of printed media in the Deaf community in United Kingdom and United States.

May 30 2011

Ethnocentric Confusions

Ladd CH1 p. 36-37 Farinha (5:19)

Discusses ethnocentricity as the third confusion causing problems for the general public to understand the Deaf situation in their goals to achieve linguistic and cultural recognition.

Apr 04 2011

Demystifying Paddy Ladd the Author

Ladd INTRO p. 20-21 Durr (4:52)

Discusses the importance of transparency in this kind of literature and research work, access and interaction with authors and other creators. Discusses also the role of a Deaf author and the impact of small town, socialist, anarchaist, hippie and Deaf cultural values on the author. Also, some recommendations for which chapters to start with for some preferences and expectations of readers.

Mar 28 2011

Central Concepts 2-3: Deafhood & Culturo-Linguistic Model

Ladd INTRO p. 14-19 Part ONE Jordan (10:16)

Introduces the central concepts of Deafhood and culturo-linguistic model (as opposed to the disability model both medical and social)

Mar 14 2011

What’s In the Chapters? An Overview

Ladd INTRO p. 9-12 Riker (7:40).

An overview of the contents of all 11 chapters in Paddy Ladd’s book “Understanding Deaf Culture: in search of Deafhood (2003).