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Apr 27 2013

Veditz 100 Clip 4

Dec 25 2012

Deaf Discourses in the 20th Century – Part 2 (p. 144-146)

Ladd CH3 pages 144-146 Liz Brading (7:39)

Jun 25 2012

Colonialism and Oralist Discourses (p. 114-115)

Ladd Ch2 p. 114-115 Mark Myers (3:59)

Jun 18 2012

Oralist Discourses and Deaf Communities (p. 113-114)

Ladd Ch2 p. 113-114 Alyce Reynolds (3:30)

May 06 2012

Hearing Discourses – Part 1 (p. 104-106)

Ladd CH2 pages 104-106 Chriz Dally (9:31)

Apr 23 2012

Beginnings of Educational Discourse (p. 103-104)

Ladd CH2 p. 103-104 Darline Gunsauls (4:24)

Apr 10 2012

The Story of Martha’s Vineyard (p. 100-102)

Ladd CH2 pages 100-102 Colin Piotrowski (7:05)

Mar 20 2012

The Status of Gesture in Lay Societies (p. 96-97)

Ladd p. 96-97 Sandra Ammons

Jan 09 2012

The Role of Lay People

Ladd CH2 p. 82-83 Eberwein (4:10)

Explains the difference between the two kinds of “hearing” people – the lay people and the specialists. Lay people are those who do not work in Deaf-related fields and specialists are those who maintain the two key features of colonialism of Deaf peoples: specialism and paternalism.

Also, emphasizes the importance for the lay reader to understand that “virtually all discourses about Deaf people have been conceived, controlled and written by people who were not themselves Deaf.” It’s in the same category of the ethnocentric bias that is involved with the majority of legislation concerning other minority groups.

Points out that Chapter 2 will summarize  some of the main patterns in the specialist/paternalist discourses the past 5000 years and across several continents that have greatest relevance to the Deaf communities of the present day.