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Feb 17 2014

The Oralist Response, 1980’s to Date, Part 1 (p. 157-158)

Ladd CH3 page 157-158 JAC Cook (7:42)

Jan 09 2012

The Subaltern

Ladd CH2 p. 81-82 David Eberwein (3:19)

Introduction to the concept of “subaltern” that refers to any group that is denied meaningful access to ‘hegemonic’ power that includes the academic domain. Explains that “Deaf subaltern” refers to those whose lack of English-literacy skills render them effectively monolingual. In constructing a Deaf counter-narrative, it’s vital to ensure the thoughts and actions of Deaf subalterns are captured as well as setting them in relationship to the actions of any (comparatively elite) bilingual Deaf people.

May 09 2011

Deafinitions & Recognition of Deaf communities

Ladd CH1 p. 32-33 Brading (4:49)

Discusses the issues behind determining accurate numbers of Deaf people as opposed to people who lost hearing later in life (hard of hearing or deafened); clarification of some Deaf terminology; questions WHY in spite of a potentially very large Deaf community worldwide, there continues to be a struggle to RECOGNIZE Deaf people do have a community.