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Nov 08 2013

Linguistic Minority Discourse; Deaf Professionals & Sign Interpreters (p. 154-155)

Ladd CH3 page 154-155 Ella Mae Lentz (5:01)

Nov 14 2011

Political Oppression – Deaf Communities as Colonies

Ladd CH1  p. 72-73  Kathy Say (3:39)

The last section of Chapter One in Dr. Ladd’s “Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood” proposes the the evidence points to the idea of Deaf communities’ experience resembling the colonialist situation. It also mentions what is needed to reverse that situation, including getting those who are interested in multilingual issues to involve the Deaf communities in their work in promoting equality for all languages and cultures.

Jul 03 2011

Education and Socialisation / Conclusion

Ladd CH 1 p. 43-44 Lentz

Mentions that Deaf community as a linguistic minority differs from other linguistic minorities in the sense that 90-95% of Deaf people learn the language and culture NOT from their parents, but the important avenue of Deaf schools. The conclusion emphasizes the need to build the historical dimension to the idea of traditional Deaf community so that modern variations have something to be measured against. Traditional Deaf community consists of Deaf people who attended Deaf schools and met either in Deaf clubs or at other Deaf social activities. Also, the term “Deaf community” is clarified to refer to the global/international community more than to one nation.

May 22 2011

Culture and Disability Confusions

Ladd CH1 p. 35-36 Weiner (6:50)

Opening part of this section says “Over the last 100 years, ‘medical’ and ‘social’ models of deafness have viewed Deaf people as disabled and situated them accordingly within its practices. However, the very recent ‘culturo-linguistic model’ has produced a contemporary Deaf discourse which refuses this categorisation and denies that degree of hearing impairment has relevance for cultural membership.” This reflects the second (out of 3) clash of discourses about the Deaf situation covered in this video.

Mar 28 2011

Central Concepts 2-3: Deafhood & Culturo-Linguistic Model

Ladd INTRO p. 14-19 Part ONE Jordan (10:16)

Introduces the central concepts of Deafhood and culturo-linguistic model (as opposed to the disability model both medical and social)