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Feb 17 2014

The Oralist Response, 1980’s to Date, Part 1 (p. 157-158)

Ladd CH3 page 157-158 JAC Cook (7:42)

Mar 19 2013

New Deaf Discourses, 1975 to Date (p. 152-153)

Ladd CH3 pages 152-153 Jehanne McCullough (3:07)

Oct 17 2011

Deaf Gay & Lesbian Groups, Disabled People, and Young People

Ladd pages 63-64 Jim Brune (8:01)

Briefly discusses these three minority groups within the Deaf communities: Deaf Gay & Lesbian groups, disabled Deaf people and young Deaf people.

Oct 10 2011

Deaf Ethnic Minorities

Ladd pages 61-62 Ritchie Bryant (9:25)

Discusses examples from the UK and USA as examples for readers to make their own self-assessments about other countries in regard to Deaf ethnic minorities. For the UK, it touches upon experiences of the Deaf Jewish community, Deaf offsprings of immigrants who are Black or Asian. For the USA, discusses the racism resulting from the Deaf school apartheid that caused Gallaudet and NAD to admit Black Deaf students/members at much later years from their founding. Closes with mention that much material has been collected around the fascinating interpenetrations of class, race, gender and sexual preference in the USA and UK, but these will be featured in a later volume.

May 22 2011

Culture and Disability Confusions

Ladd CH1 p. 35-36 Weiner (6:50)

Opening part of this section says “Over the last 100 years, ‘medical’ and ‘social’ models of deafness have viewed Deaf people as disabled and situated them accordingly within its practices. However, the very recent ‘culturo-linguistic model’ has produced a contemporary Deaf discourse which refuses this categorisation and denies that degree of hearing impairment has relevance for cultural membership.” This reflects the second (out of 3) clash of discourses about the Deaf situation covered in this video.

May 16 2011

Medical and Cultural Confusions

Ladd CH1 p.34-35 Zhou (6:06)

Oralists using hearing aids to isolate partially deaf children from Deaf communities; discusses importance of full interactions within GROUPS to fully embrace language and culture. Finally, the medical and cultural confusions are deliberate by those advocating Oralism.