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Oct 06 2015

The Oralist Response 1980 to Date, Part 2 (p. 158-160)

Ladd CH3 page 158-160 Rory Osbrink (7:39)

Nov 20 2013

Deaf Studies Discourses (p. 156)

Ladd CH3 page 156 Tim Riker (5:35)

Dec 10 2012

Lay Discourses; Summary (p. 142-143)

Ladd CH3 p. 142-143 Nan Zhou (6:06)

Aug 08 2012

Micro-Physics of Power & the Oralist Discursive System (p. 123-124)

Ladd CH2 pages 123-124 Stacy Gough (7:18)

Jun 18 2012

Oralist Discourses and Deaf Communities (p. 113-114)

Ladd Ch2 p. 113-114 Alyce Reynolds (3:30)

Jan 23 2012

The Discursive System, Lay People & Deaf/Disabled People

Ladd CH2 pages 84-86 Jim Brune (8:20)

Discusses the bio-power discursive system concerning the ‘Others’, specifically Deaf and disabled people, run by wealthy people, professionals and politicians. Touches upon the historical development of discourses in four stages of history showing how lay people and Deaf/disabled people have been split as the bio-power discursive system applies more specialism and professionalism. This split has serious consequences when the Deaf/disabled people disagrees with the system and wants to change it because of the four obstacles the system create.

Aug 29 2011

Televisual Media

Ladd CH1 p. 54-56 Joey Baer

Describes the Deaf experience with the medium of TELEVISION in the United Kingdom, i.e. See Hear and Sign On. Mentions two examples in the United States (Deaf Mosiac and Rainbow’s End).

May 02 2011

Oralism’s Grip over Society’s View on Deaf People

Ladd CH1 p.30-32 Falgier (9:05)

Discusses the Oralism/Mask of Benevolence’s powerful grip on media in framing society’s thinking about Deaf people and their issues — confusing them about Deaf people as individuals vs as a community. Also, Oralism colonialism damaged Deaf organizations’ abilities to be Deaf-centered, confident, independent from the Mask of Benevolence.

Apr 25 2011

Exposing Oralism as Destructive

Ladd CH1 p. 27-30 Gough (11:16)

A brief overview of recent positive exposure of Deaf people and Sign Language in general society and the damages wrought on Deaf communities by Oralism since the 1880 Milan Conference which can be considered
Deaf holocaust. Also, a summary of a rare research on Oralism in the late 1970’s by Reuben Conrad and his group. Discussion on the word “holocaust” and how it can be applied to what Deaf communities went through.

Apr 11 2011

Importance of Cultural Literacy

Ladd INTRO p. 21-25 Lentz (14:45)

Discusses what CULTURE is, difficulties and discomfort of studying one’s own culture. Also, discusses differences in characteristics of majority and minority cultures and the importance of cultural literacy