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Dec 02 2013

‘The Third Culture’ Discourses (p. 156-157)

Ladd CH3 page 156-157 Jenny Witteborg (4:00)

Dec 17 2012

Deaf Discourses in the 20th Century – Part 1 (p. 143-144)

Ladd CH3 pages 143-144 Brenda Jo Falgier (8:38)

Nov 07 2011

Deaf Communities & Governmental Relationships

Ladd CH1 p. 69-72 David Kerr (11:36)

Discusses the organizations and issues creating serious hardships for the Deaf community when they attempt to create long-term community regeneration and sign language policies at the governmental level.

Experiences differ from country to country, government to government, and the governments discussed here are the Scandinavian ones, UK and Ireland. In UK and Ireland, there exists a teritary strata in the Deaf community’s relationship with their governments by organizations such as Royal National Institute for the Deaf and National (Ireland) Association for the Deaf which are basically “Really Not Interested in the Deaf”.

Jul 11 2011

Deaf Community Practices

Ladd CH 1 p. 44-46 Zein

An introduction to the overview of Deaf community – especially in the USA, United Kingdom, Western Europe and possibly Japan with emphasis that we should study it with important lenses to enable us to consider the extent of damage done to the community by Oralism. Importance of understanding the dynamics of the community in relation to Oralism the past 100+ years.