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Dec 02 2013

‘The Third Culture’ Discourses (p. 156-157)

Ladd CH3 page 156-157 Jenny Witteborg (4:00)

Mar 19 2013

New Deaf Discourses, 1975 to Date (p. 152-153)

Ladd CH3 pages 152-153 Jehanne McCullough (3:07)

Jan 20 2013

1965-1980 Educational Discourses (p. 148-150)

Ladd CH3 pages 148-150 Star Grieser (8:50)

Dec 17 2012

Deaf Discourses in the 20th Century – Part 1 (p. 143-144)

Ladd CH3 pages 143-144 Brenda Jo Falgier (8:38)

Jul 19 2012

Emergence of Scientism & Medical Discourses – Part 3 (pages 118-119)

Ladd CH2 pages 118-119 Toby Welch (8:10)

Jun 18 2012

The Discourses of Hearing Allies (p. 113)

Ladd CH2 p. 113 Alyce Reynolds (2:16)

Oct 31 2011

Radical or Subaltern Deaf Activities

Ladd p. 67-69 Eberwein (11:30)

Discusses radical / subaltern Deaf groups and their activities during the 20th century.

Jul 11 2011

Deaf Community Practices

Ladd CH 1 p. 44-46 Zein

An introduction to the overview of Deaf community – especially in the USA, United Kingdom, Western Europe and possibly Japan with emphasis that we should study it with important lenses to enable us to consider the extent of damage done to the community by Oralism. Importance of understanding the dynamics of the community in relation to Oralism the past 100+ years.

Jun 13 2011

Contesting Community Authenticity

Ladd CH1 p. 37-39 Miller (5:52)

Discusses the negative impacts of the 3 confusions discussed in previous 3 sections have on Deaf people’s political and academic goals. Mentions the Smithsonian Museum’s attempt to exhibit American Deaf community and Oralism’s impact on it during the 1990’s and how the Alexander Graham Bell Society thwarted it. Discusses advantages and disadvantages of the term “deaf-mute” to clarify. Points out who is really benefitting & who is NOT benefitting from this confusion and cover-up.

May 09 2011

Deafinitions & Recognition of Deaf communities

Ladd CH1 p. 32-33 Brading (4:49)

Discusses the issues behind determining accurate numbers of Deaf people as opposed to people who lost hearing later in life (hard of hearing or deafened); clarification of some Deaf terminology; questions WHY in spite of a potentially very large Deaf community worldwide, there continues to be a struggle to RECOGNIZE Deaf people do have a community.

Apr 20 2011

Introduction to Chapter One

Ladd CH1 p. 26-27 Gough (5:23)

Introduces Chapter 1 which focuses on Deaf communities based on “insider readings”