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Oct 06 2015

The Oralist Response 1980 to Date, Part 2 (p. 158-160)

Ladd CH3 page 158-160 Rory Osbrink (7:39)

Nov 21 2011

Chapter 2 Introduction; Theories and Terminology

Ladd CH2 p. 75-76 Riker (4:56)

Opens with two quotes – one by Sekou Toure and another by Walter Rodney – on impact of colonialist education and how it negatively impacts the social solidarity and social responsibility.

Discusses the importance of a Deaf space in the academy for Deaf counter-narratives that have not been rendered visible, i.e. mostly unwritten. Explains that Chapters 2 and 3 explores how Deaf communities have been conceived and acted upon during the time span of Western civilisation.

Discusses importance of understanding certain terminology and concepts before reviewing the history of Deaf communities. Also, discusses the importance for members of the majority cultures to unlearn and deconstruct one’s own culturally inherited perceptions in order to participate in engaged understanding.